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MeetDr. Saliman

Dr. Saliman is a Stanford sports medicine trained orthopaedic surgeon operating out of Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles, California. He invented a revolutionary meniscus repair device in 2008, and founded Ceterix Orthopaedics, Inc with top Silicon Valley venture groups in 2010 to bring the device to the world. The Novostitch meniscus repair device was granted FDA approval in 2012 and Dr. Saliman has been using it to save knees ever since. He has unequalled experience in using the device to repair tears that have been classically considered difficult or impossible to sew.

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Why repair the meniscus?
And why with the Circumferential Stitch?

Meniscus repair has been around a long time but traditional techniques have had somewhat high failure rates and were only possible for a limited number of tear types. The meniscus spreads forces evenly within the knee joint and without its full function the knee becomes arthritic. See the following article for a better understanding why repair, and why repair with the Circumferential Stitch:

Meniscus Repair The Circumferential Compression Stitch for Meniscus Repair

Meniscus Repair With Circumferential Stitch
Simple Vertical Tear Repair

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Types of Tears

Dr. Saliman is repairing vertical, horizontal, oblique, radial, bucket handle, flap, root and intrasubstance tears, as well as many complex and degenerative tears in the right setting. Videos of such repairs are available on this website.


Patient Testimonials

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I can honestly say that Dr. Saliman changed my life with the arthroscopic hip surgery he performed on me one year ago. I had a tear and separation of my labrum due to underlying impingement, and was sometimes limping and always in severe pain by the time I finally sought out the help of a specialist. Read More...

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