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You don’t have to go through your day with pinching, clicking, or pain in your hip. If you’re living with femoroacetabular impingement (FAI), don’t hesitate to talk with Justin D. Saliman, MD, about your options. As one of the leading innovative orthopaedic surgeons in the entire Los Angeles area, he’s ready to help you resolve your hip impingement and improve your quality of life. Call his office or book your appointment online to learn more.

FAI Surgery Q&A

What is femoroacetabular impingement (FAI)?

When you’re living with FAI, the ball-and-socket joint of your hip hits or ‘impinges’ when you move your leg up and in or up and out. FAI is caused by irregularity in the shape of your hip bones that result in the ball portion (the femoral head and neck) rubbing against the socket portion (the acetabulum) in a manner that causes excessive force on the socket sided cartilage. You might feel this as a painful sensation within the groin, thigh or buttock.

The abnormal forces on your hip joint due to FAI can in sometimes cause pain throughout your day or can in some earlier cases only cause pain with rigorous activity. What’s more, it can damage the articular cartilage of your hip socket, causing long-term joint damage and potential need for hip replacement surgery later in life. 

Fortunately, Dr. Saliman has years of experience helping people with FAI correct the irregularity in their hip joint, alleviating pain and protecting the joint over time. 

What happens during FAI surgery?

During your FAI procedure, Dr. Saliman has two goals. First, he works to resolve the hip impingement by correcting the shape of the bones that make up your hip. Through two small keyholes he can remove any abnormal bony growth that’s causing your impingement, allowing the ball-and-socket joint of your hip to glide freely and painlessly. 

Secondly, he also uses the procedure to address any cartilage damage, including damage to your labrum. Your labrum is the cartilage that lines the outer edge of your hip joint, creating a seal that gives it stability. Dr. Saliman repairs the torn labrum during FAI surgery and he routines also repairs the capsule (which is cut when entering the joint but not always sewn back together by surgeons).

How is FAI surgery performed?

Dr. Saliman exclusively performs arthroscopic FAI surgery using typically just a couple half inch incisions. Through these small portals he directs the arthroscope (camera) to the surgery site and he uses specialized surgical tools to bur away areas of impingement and repair the torn labrum. Dr. Saliman performs your surgery without having to create any large incisions. This minimizes your risk of complications, speeds your recovery time, and lessens scarring and postop pain. 

Talk with Dr. Saliman about your impingement and your FAI surgery options by calling his office or scheduling your appointment online today.